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Post by Burn on Tue Dec 08, 2015 1:04 pm

I am Burn and I play fire. Makes sense? Whish it would be so easy. Both is almost unrelated. I was called "Burn", because of my "red" hair by a friend early in school to tease me. I get used to it, get proud of it and over the years only few, true frieds keep calling me this way. As I hope to find, build up a true community here, I choose this name.
Playing fire is relative new for me. But yes, it kind of matches my heart.

I am, how a good friend recognized once, a man of conviction. I have some (others say many) convictions and I stand up for them. Sometimes this gives people the feeling I am intolerant. Which is completely wrong. I tolerate other positions (except very few) very well, I love diversity, I am happy to discuss. But when I am asked in an area of one of my convictions I will never say another one is same right as I am (if we are not the same).
But aside of this, I am a most handsome person. Wanna cake?

What do I want regarding this project?
At first and most important: I want a community. It is a dream, a longing for more than 15 years now. A community of friends builds up a new family. In African they say "You need a village to grow up a child". I think this knowing has gone lost in our culture. So I am dreaming of a family, which grows their children together, care for their seniors. And most important: Care for each other.
Second wish: I would like to get a bit (as most far as it makes sense) independent from some structure our society which seems to be very unhealthy. Care for your own food. seeing it grown. knowing what is inside. Building systems which heals the soil and the people living from it.


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